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Welcome to Dark Horse Triathlon, where we provide unparalleled professional coaching, results, and an overall top-to-bottom experience for triathletes and runners looking to emerge to prominence.

The goal of Dark Horse Triathlon is to present each athlete with the keys to unleash the complete athlete from within themselves. We do this through such features as:

  • Individually tailor-made training programs
  • Personal racing and training nutrition strategies
  • Team races 
  • Technical analysis of swim, bike, and run form
  • Unlimited contact with your coach
  • At-home visits/personal and group training camps.
  • On-site race concierge service


At Dark Horse Triathlon, we want you to feel like you're a part of a team....a team that cares about you, your training, your life, your results, and your experience. We also believe in your longevity as an athlete. What this means is that we are process-driven; we want you to have fun with your training and racing expereince, be engaged with your training, your coach and your team, making training a healthy part of your overall lifestyle as we prioritize your long term development and growth as an athlete. We believe this is the healthiest way to achieve your goals.


With this being the philosophy of our coaching approach, we have a limited number of spots available for one-on-one personalized coaching. If you want the personal attention you deserve, a training plan designed to fit your specific needs, an unforgettable experience, and the results to validate the your investment, you have come to the right place. All we ask is that you put in the work and we (almost!) guarantee that you will be faster, fitter and more confident than ever before. The results of our athletes speak for themselves. Please send us a note for information on coaching fees. Contact us for details!


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