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Coach Steve Johnson

Dark Horse Triathlon was founded by head coach Steve Johnson. Since the age of 7, Steve has been actively and competitively participating in sport...and is a 2-time age group world champion athlete in two sports; rowing and triathlon.


From competing for a spot on the USRowing National Team, repeatedly qualifying for and finishing the Boston Marathon or participating in several ITU age group world championships and the Hawaii Ironman in triathlon, Steve has never found himself far from athletic success.


In 2003, Steve left the corporate advertising world and initially turned his attention to coaching collegiate rowing at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. His teams there quickly rose to prominence amongst collegiate club teams and won medals at prestigious races such as the Dad Vail Regatta and Head of the Charles Regatta.


Since leaving the rowing world behind, he has been competing and coaching athletes in endurance running and triathlon. Steve has coached athletes from 5K first-timers to Hawaii Ironman age group champions - and everyone in between. As your coach, Steve will work with you to achieve and exceed your athletic goals.


Steve currently lives in Longmont, CO.

Personal Best Performances:

  • '16 Ironman Arizona AG Win M40-44 (8:48.51)

  • '16 Ironman Boulder AG Win M40-44

  • '15 ITU Age Group World Champion - Sprint Distance, M35-39

  • '15 ITU Age Group World Championships - 4th place AG, Olympic Distance, M35-39

  • '15 Ironman Boulder 3rd place Overall, M35-39 AG Champion (8:58.43) 

  • '14 Ironman Arizona Overall AG Champion (8:52.52) 

  • '14 USAT AG Nat'l Champs (5th AG Oly, 2nd AG sprint)

  • '13 Ironman Boulder 70.3 Overall Amateur Champion (3:59.05)

  • ’12 Ironman World Championship: 5th Place, M35-39AG

  • ’12 Eagleman 70.3 Overall Amateur Champion

  • ’11-'15 Boulder 70.3 M35-39 AG Champion

  • ’12 & '14 Bolder Boulder AG Champion

  • ’11 Ironman World Championship: 9:03.26, 3rd Place, M35-39 AG

  • ’11 Ironman Coeur D’Alene M35-39 Age Group Champion (9:23)

  • ‘09 ITU Age Group World Championship, Sprint Distance:  Silver Medal M30-34

  • ‘06 & ‘08 ITU Age Group World Championship, Olympic Distance: 7th place M30-34

  • ’08 & ’10 Ironman California 70.3: M30-34AG Champion (Overall AG Champ in ’08)

  • ‘08 & ‘09: Chicago Triathlon Triple Challenge: Overall Champion

  • ‘09 & ‘10: American Triple-T: Fastest Amateur (3rd & 2nd Overall, respectively)

  • ‘06 Chicago Marathon: 2:40.26

  • 7-Time Boston Marathon Finisher (’00-’04, ’06, ’11)


Coach John Littlewood

John is Pharmaceutical Project Manager and works at Johnson & Johnson. He relocated with the company from the UK to the US in February 2013 along with his wife Lucy and dogs, Milo & Woody, and currently resides in Holladay, UT.


After playing Rugby Union in his home country of Wales for most of his childhood and adult life, John turned to triathlon in 2009, where he completed an off-road/pool based race for fun. That first race ignited a passion, and shortly following that he was convinced to enter Ironman. 9 months of focused training led to completion of Ironman Austria in a time of 10:11 – a result which surpassed his expectations! John quickly learned that triathlon rewarded hard work and dedication, and that even by starting late in life without any specific background in any of the three disciplines, it was something that he could continue to improve on, and a sport where he could compete in for years to come. 


John has continued with racing age group long course triathlon, and over the course of the next 7 years he competed in 12  Ironman distance races, 17 half Ironman distance races, along with numerous shorter events. John’s highlights include competing 3 times at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships and twice at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.


John began working with Coach Steve as his coach in 2014, and made significant improvements in performance. In addition to becoming a better athlete, John has learned a significant amount from Steve in terms of coaching philosophy and methodology. Coaching is something that John has always had interest in, especially with his analytical engineering background and technical advances within the sport. Over the last few years he has helped many friends become better triathletes by advising from his own experience and knowledge gained from years of training and racing. This all led to formal studying and qualification, and in January 2017 was certified as coach by the Ironman University.


John has recently joined the Dark Horse Triathlon coaching staff. Steve will continue to coach John as an athlete, and mentor him as a coach where they will guide you to achieve and exceed your athletic goals.


Personal Best Performances:

  • 2019 Boston Marathon (2:56)

  • 2018 Ironman Arizona - 2rd Place M40-44 & Kona Qualification (9:07)

  • 2017 Rehoboth Beach Marathon – Boston Qualification (2:57)

  • 2017 Ironman 70.3 World Championships - 22nd Place M35-39 (4:29)

  • 2017 Challenge Poznan - 3rd Place Overall (9:19)

  • 2016 Ironman Arizona - 3rd Place M35-39 & Kona Qualification (9:02)

  • 2016 Toughman NY Championship – 3rd Place Overall (4:40)

  • 2016 Ironman Timberman 70.3 - 2nd Place M35-39 & 70.3 WC Qualification (4:20)

  • 2015 Challenge Poconos – 1st Place M35-39 (4:31)

  • 2015 Ironman Eagleman 70.3 2nd Place M35-39 & 70.3 WC Qualification (4:24)

  • 2015 New Jersey Devilman Half Lite – 1st Place Overall (3:01)

  • 2014 Ironman World Championships – 53rd place M35-39 (9:46)

  • 2014 Ironman 70.3 World Championships – 25th Place M35-39 (4:20)

  • 2014 Ironman Lake Placid – 5th Place M35-39 & Kona Qualification (9:44)

  • 2014 Ironman 70.3 Syracuse – 1st Place M35-39 & 70.3 WC Qualification (4:17)

  • 2013 Ironman Cozumel – 6th Place M35-39 & Kona Qualification (9:12)

Coach Ginny Cataldi

Ginny is the newest addition to the Dark Horse Triathlon coaching staff. Ginny is a middle school art teacher, former swim, field hockey, and softball coach.  She has a son who swims and runs track, and a daughter who swims.  It's been fun for her to watch them excel in something she is passionate about.


Ginny has always been an athlete.  From an early age she played softball and in HS became MVP as a pitcher/second baseman.  She loves horses and rode competitively through middle school.  Now, it's become something she does in the off in the triathlon off-season. She also played field hockey. The summer before her senior year in HS she traveled to Europe and played on a US under 21 field hockey team. As a freshman in HS she found swimming and ended up pursuing swimming in her four years of college.  


Ginny stumbled into triathlon in 2011 and was officially hooked.  The following year she participated in her first 70.3 where she qualified for 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas. Her passion for the sport grew and in 2014 she set out to race her first 140.6.  She chose Lake Placid and finished 2nd in her AG and was 4th amateur.  That October she went to Kona where she qualified for Boston Marathon.  In 2015 she became a coached athlete of Steve's and continued to get stronger and faster due to his methodology.  In 2015 Ginny placed 5th at 70.3 World Championships, in Chattanooga, and 9th at Ironman World Championships in Kona.  The accomplishment that she is most proud of is Placing 1st in her AG (2nd Amatuer) at Ironman Maryland with a time of 9:42:38.


Ginny earned her coaching certificate from Ironman University and recently joined Dark Horse Triathlon Coaching Team.  Steve will continue to coach Ginny as an athlete, as well as mentor her as a new coach where they will guide you to achieve and exceed your athletic goals.


Some of Ginny's Race Highlights:

  • 2011 Ironman Timberman 70.3 2nd AG 4:59:07

  • 2012 Ironman Eagleman 70.3 2nd AG 4:47:33

  • 2012 Ironman Timberman Sprint 1st OA Female 1:10:41

  • 2012 Ironman 70.3 World Championships Las Vegas 

  • 2013 Ironman Timberman 70.3 2nd AG4:45:45

  • 2013 Great Lakes 100 Mile Tri 1st OA Female 

  • 2015 Ironman Lake Placid 2nd (4th amateur) 10:16:21

  • 2015 Rev3 Poconos 70.3 AG Champion 4:39:12

  • 2015 Ironman Eagleman 70.3 1st AG (3rd amateur) 4:46:30

  • 2015 Ironman Timberman 70.3 1st AG 4:49:19

  • 2016 Ironman Lake Placid 3rd AG (4th amateur) 10:42:16

  • 2016 Ironman Timberman 70.3 1st AG 4:48:42 (5th amateur)

  • 2016 Ironman Louisville 1st AG 10:21:50 (5th amateur)

  • 2017 Ironman Syracuse 70.3 2nd AG (4th amateur [2nd fastest bike split]) 5:09:28

  • 2017 Ironman 70.3 World Championships Chattanooga 5th AG 5:02:46

  • 2017 Ironman World Championships 9th AG 10:32:46

  • 2018 Ironman Eagleman 70.3 1st AG (4th amateur) 4:47:17

  • 2018 Ironman Santa Rosa 70.3 1st AG (4:09:16 [swim was cancelled]) 

  • 2018 Ironman Lake Placid 70.3 1st AG (3rd amateur) 5:03:17

  • 2018 Ironman Maryland 1st AG (2nd amateur) 9:42:32

  • 2019 Ironman Eagleman 70.3 1st AG 4:03:56 (4th amateur [swim was cancelled])

  • 2019 Ironman Ohio 70.3 1st AG 4:47:11 (5th amateur)

  • 2019 Ironman 70.3 World Championships France

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