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Looking Back: Oceanside 2015

Rather than provide a blow-by-blow race report from California 70.3, I’m going to provide a little insight into my training since IMAZ and some other random thoughts.


With my primary focus in 2015 being ITU AG World Champs in Chicago, I feel like I need to really buckle down on my swim and run off the bike. So starting at the end of November, I got to work:


*More yards in four months than I put in over well, in any 7-8 month prior stretch. More swimming=faster, more comfortable swimming.


*100 consecutive days of running. By running slower and more consistently, my body felt better, my fast running was faster and my bike workouts were never taking a hit by being wasted from running.


*Zero…yes, zero biking in the month of December. 7 rides in January, 3x/week in February. My biggest week of biking heading into this race was just under 6hrs at 350 cumulative TSS.


What were the results?


Swim: Best I’ve had at this race…came out of the water 11th in the AG…previous best in four prior races here was 28th. Had good feet to draft from the start, pulled off and around and went solo for the second half. The second half of the swim felt SO strong…like I could have just kept going.


Bike: 2:21.29…my fastest bike time on this course. AP 244, NP 255 at 165lbs for my first outdoor ride since IMAZ. In contrast to four years ago, I was 6-minutes slower on 255/263 at ~168. Aero matters. For those who claim “minutes lost” on the bike by starting in the last waves, WTF are you doing?! A stern ON YER LEFT works wonders. Three of the fastest four AGers on the day started in the last two waves.


Run: Course PB in low 1:18 on a tougher course than the last time I raced here (something like 18 more 90 degree turns and 4 more 180 degree turns plus four short steep climbs). I’m left wondering if I could have run a little faster to get into the 1:17s. I was pretty consistent with my splits: 5:47, 6:00, 6:00, 5:59, 6:01, 6:08, 5:57, 5:55, 6:01, 5:52, 5:54, 5:55, 5:46 and never felt pressured, rushed or out of control.


Overall it was a 2-minute course PB.


To say that I’m happy with the race is an understatement. I’m thinking another solid swim & run block is on tap so I can put more money in the bank before a strong biking focus throughout the summer.


What I’m most proud of however, are the athletes whom I coach that also raced: three other podium finishes with some run PBs along the way. This season is off to a fantastic start!

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