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Own It

Sometimes I wonder if I’m too hard on triathletes and the stereotypes that hang over their heads. I mean, I don’t want to bite the hand that feeds me…after all, I coach them for a living.


But then I think, nah – some/most of these people need to be told what’s up. My biggest beef with triathletes today is the amount of complaining and excuse-making that I see and hear on a daily basis. I see it on Facebook, Twtter, the Slowtwitch forum and sometimes in the form of email or feedback from the athletes I coach. Although they’re in the minority since most of them are awesome and can at least change a flat without calling for help. It’s like people think they’re being wronged because they don’t get what they want or think they deserve.


What I would like to see more from out of triathletes is ownership of their shit.  What I mean by that is that if there’s something to complain about, they’re going to complain about it rather than DOING something about it. Bad race? Don’t complain about it, chalk it up to a bad day and move on and keep your trap shut. Your next race changed the start format? Figure out how to make the best of it rather than screaming bloody murder because it’s “unfair”.


You see kids, there are a couple little things called preparation and adaptation that we humans are pretty capable of if enough brainpower is applied to the task.


There’s a culture that exists within the triathlon community in which there’s always something wrong or something that warrants an excuse or a finger pointing. Get over yourselves: prepare for, and adapt to these “obstacles” rather than dwelling on them. If something doesn’t go the way you wanted, during training and/or racing, I’m sorry your milk got spilled…clean it up and move on rather than crying about it.


We’re responsible adults…start acting like it.


OK, I’m done complaining. 

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