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Top Secret Running Secrets

This past year was the best year of racing that the team has ever had. Just take a look at the results page to see the impressive list of accomplishments. One of the biggest reasons for these results is our dedication to the run. After all, the run is where everything shakes out at the end of the day.


My secret training tip for how to train your run isn’t a secret at all. There’s no tip, no trick, no secret workout or number of miles/hours that I can provide to you to make your running better.  You simply need to run more. Run as frequently, consistently and as much as you can without getting hurt. Year round. Therein lies the rub. How do you not get hurt when trying to run as much as possible? Simple:


*Slowly progress your volume.

*Run slower for your every day, easy runs. (repeat this to yourself and practice it until you're blue in the face)

*Do strength/injury prevention exercises. 

*Work on form. 

*Vary your terrain.

*Utilize the treadmill.

*Listen to your body.


The athletes on the team have had some of the best running performances within their age groups race after race. It takes patience, it takes a global view of athlete development and yes, it takes some time.


Is it as simple as that? Yes…and no. Of course, there’s an element of individuality with each athlete’s plan. But those are the basics. If you’re interested in improving your run and your overall racing as a result, feel free to shoot me a note. My athletes are achieving great things – get on board while you can!

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